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Date:                January 01, 2022


From:               Daniel's Desk

                         LD Associates Int’l 



Some Inspiration to Start The New Year


So here we are, having closed out 2021. 


You would agree that 2021 was a challenging year. Sometimes it was tough to get and stay creatively motivated. But, all is not lost. So here, I want to share a few tips with you to help you get those creative cogs turning in 2022.


I'm sure you have heard the saying that "formal education will make you a living, self-education can make you a fortune". Look around closely in your local communities and see how factual this statement is. Sometimes you wonder if the formal education systems are failing us. Notwithstanding that, today, I want to encourage you to learn a new skill - that no one can take away from you! And, know that mastering this one skill can completely change the trajectory of your life! That skill is called Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is the practice of promoting other people/entities' products or services in exchange for a commission on the sales you generate. Affiliate Marketing has existed for decades. It's a modern version of an ancient concept — getting a commission on a sale. However, the advent of the internet has opened an entirely new world of options and opportunities for affiliate marketers and merchants. 


Many times, you just need someone to point you in the right direction and tell you where to find the right information, etc. Although the information you are looking for maybe just a click away, the key is to know where to look in many cases. 


These days you can learn just about anything online for free. But, of course, some of that information is low quality. There are so many fake gurus out there making outrageous claims. So, it's rather hard to tell which program/network produces real value as a beginner.


The good news is there are plenty of reputable places to educate you on Affiliate Marketing online. Here are a few good sources to get you started.

1   John Crestani Profit Cycling Training System

This is a beginner-friendly, 3-Steps blueprint that many use to generate a sustainable income online. It requires a $0 Investment to start, but there are options to upgrade.

Secure Your Spot Now!


2    The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide

This training program could be life-changing for those who follow this blueprint and take action.

To Your Success!



Affiliate Marketing will not make you instantly rich. You would not get your first sale overnight. But, don't quit; keep going! Thousands of others people around the world have seen success with these programs. Now it's your turn.


See you on the inside soon.



L. B. Daniel




P.S. – LD Associates Int’l digital solutions network will soon be open up to the public. It is currently password-protected, but all restrictions shall be removed by February 14, 2022.


On this network, volumes of information are provided for free on diverse subjects relating to digital marketing:


* Affiliate Marketing

* CPA Marketing

* Amazon FBA

* Traffic Methods

* Tools of Digital Marketing

* Over the Shoulder Training

* Outsourcing / Leveraging

 And much more………



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