An Overview of Clickbank


ClickBank is an e-commerce platform for digital products and services between digital content creators (vendors) and affiliate marketers, who promote these digital products to consumers. It is the world’s leading online marketplace for digital products. It was founded in 1998, has more than six million clients worldwide, and distributes in over 190 countries. Clickbank handles upwards of 30,000 transactions daily, and at any given time, it has upwards of 100,000 active affiliate marketers.

ClickBank is among the largest paying affiliate network systems on earth. It has been on the Internet since 1998 and has never missed a payment. That is an impressive record of stability! It is projected that this year this network will pay out more than one hundred million US dollars to its vendors/publishers. All this money is making some people rich. If you are not yet registered as an affiliate marketer on Clickbank, fortunately, today, there is an answer. Now it’s your turn to start earning! This website provides information on the possibilities of what can be accomplished by participating in the Clickbank affiliate program.

To start promoting products and make money online with Clickbank, require some simple steps:

1.   Register an account as an affiliate marketer.

You can create an account here.  


For more assistance, you can follow the steps in the following Youtube video to learn how to create a new ClickBank account:


Fill in the required fields (Country, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address & a Password).   Accept the Terms and Conditions.

2.   Select a product to promote


3.   Get your affiliate link


4.   Drive traffic to your affiliate link


Later, in the following subsections, you will learn:


How to select a good product on Clickbank to promote

How to get your Clickbank affiliate link

How to drive traffic to your Clickbank affiliate link.

And, much more………


Clickbank is a great opportunity for anyone who is serious about building a profitable online business. Of course, like anything else, there are no guarantees. But if you put in the work and you don’t give up, affiliate marketing with Clickbank will pay off with time. People that succeed fully understand the power of self-education. They are always learning, growing, and challenging themselves in some way.


How Clickbank Works

Clickbank is an affiliate network that acts as an intermediary to link vendors (owners of digital products) with publishers (Affiliate Marketers).

One of the simplest ways to make money online is to sell other people’s products. The practice is commonly referred to as affiliate marketing. Briefly, this is how it works on Clickbank.

Vendors have digital products that they want to sell. They list these products at Clickbank Marketplace where tens of thousands of affiliate marketers can see them.  Affiliate marketers go to Clickbank Marketplace and find products that they are interested in promoting.  Clickbank provides each affiliate marketer with a unique affiliate link (referral URL) through which the promotion is done. It is through this link that sales are tracked. When affiliate marketers generate sales, they earn a commission on those sales


Clickbank is simply the middleman between product vendors and affiliate marketers. It undertakes to:


-  List the vendors’ products

-  Handle the tracking using unique tracking links and cookies in order to know exactly where sales came from, and credit the referring account, accordingly.

-  Process payments to affiliates and vendors

-  Provide training, guidelines, and tips


In summary, as an affiliate marketer, all you have to do is sign up for a Clickbank affiliate account then start browsing Clickbank Marketplace which lists all the available products from their partner vendors. Once you find a suitable product, ClickBank will give you a unique “affiliate link” that points to the vendor’s sales page. All you have to do then is drive traffic (send people) to that link. You earn a commission for any sale made through your affiliate links.


If you have not already done so, you can sign up for a Clickbank affiliate account now. Create an Account Here


Follow the links to the following sub-topics for more details on Clickbank

Learn the Clickbank Numbers

Why Clickbank Affiliate Marketing is a Great Choice

Picking a Profitable Niche and Products on Clickbank

Getting Your Affiliate Links

How You Get Paid

How to Get Traffic

Clickbank Insights

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